Can someone please help me with #26 ASAP.. It is due tomorrow.. Please help.. I have to get it done tonight .. If I don't get it done tonight I will get a F on it

Accepted Solution

a. Friday:[tex]30x + 20y = 910[/tex]Saturday:[tex]45x + 30y = 1365[/tex]b.[tex]30x + 20y = 910[/tex][tex]30x = 910 - 20y[/tex]Divide both sides by 30:[tex]x = \frac{910 - 20y}{30} [/tex]Simplify the fraction:[tex]x = \frac{91 - 2y}{3} [/tex](It is impossible to solve for specific values for x and y as seen in part c, so I'm not sure what the question is asking to solve for.)c.[tex]45x + 30y = 1365[/tex]Substitute x = (91-2y)/3 in that equation (which is Saturday's equation)[tex]45 \times \frac{91 - 2y}{3} + 30y = 1365[/tex][tex]15(91 - 2y) + 30y = 1365[/tex][tex]1365 - 30y + 30y = 1365[/tex][tex]1365 = 1365[/tex]Hence, there is an infinite amount of solutions for x and y.