Julia is evaluating the expression 17(144). If she uses the distributive property to rewrite the expression with friendlier numbers, which expression can be a step in her work?

Accepted Solution

Answer:In order to evaluate the given expression 17(144) using the distributive property, Julia would rewrite the expression in friendlier numbers that is:(10+7)(100+40+4)Step-by-step explanation:We are given an expression 17(144) that we have to evaluate let us say without using the calculator.Sometimes, it is easier to solve a complex problem in multiple steps as the problem gets distributed and the difficulty level lowers for multiple smaller sets.Julia would rewrite the expression as:(10+7)(100+40+4)Then solve it using distribution method as follows:10(100+40+4)+7(100+40+4)1000+400+40+700+280+28= 2448